Your character is your new bff

Sometime a story gets started with the concept of a really awesome character. When this happens what unfolds around them is secondary to who they are. You know this person well. They live on every page. Sometimes the character is who gets cast in the conflict you have created. When this happens, sometimes it's necesary... Continue Reading →

Reblogging – Six Plot Excuses No One Wants to Hear

This week is the kind that no kind of discipline will allow you to write during but I came across this article and thought it was very important. I've spoken before about respecting your readers by establishing a plausible motivation. This is along the same lines, but gives some great examples of cheap ways out.... Continue Reading →

Preparing for battle (another poem)

Poetry is not my preferred method of creative expression, but sometimes it is what comes the easiest, especially when things are a little rough. I've written lyrics and poetry for quite a while now and I find when I have a problem lines start floating through my head. I am probably not going to be... Continue Reading →

For my love

(an anniversary poem for my wonderful husband) There are brambles tearing at my skin to be cleared away before we begin I chose this path with you I plan to see it through. There are rocks and roots to twist my feet And boggy marsh where waters meet I chose this path with you I... Continue Reading →

My Kids and my creativity

There have been several points in my life where keeping a regular writing schedule has been difficult. When I was working and finishing my degree and enjoying an active social life and playing in a band, writing every day was a challenge. When I was newlywed and working full time and restoring a beat up... Continue Reading →

When your Muse is MIA

This week has been a rough one for me. I got some difficult news and some conflicts need to be addressed that I don't feel like dealing with. For me, this equates to a lack of will to write. My motivation has crapped out and I have no ideas even if hadn't. Normally this would... Continue Reading →

Writing Horror: Elements of Terror

I have a question I've been asking people for a couple years, keeping the results stored away for a story that hasn't formed its premise just yet. The question is this: What is the scariest thing ever? Yes, this question lacks eloquence, but I'm just in the research phase right now. It's direct, to the... Continue Reading →

5 Fantasies that you need to read

I'm a little burnt out on editing. I may take the weekend off to do some reading. While I'm trying to select a fantasy to read, I'm mentally running down the books that stick out in my mind. There are some obvious choices, The Song of Fire and Ice Series, The Mists of Avalon, and... Continue Reading →

Query weary

Query writing started for me a long time before I started pitching novels. We had long boring courses on it in journalism school. And no matter how I worked at it, mine were always lacking. Ultimately it was the query writing, the pitching, the selling of my ideas that deterred me from fully pursuing a... Continue Reading →

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