Finished the book!

I just finished writing “The Silent Apocalypse”. Here’s the last line:

“Liam did not mind.Featured image He supposed that they would meet again.”

Chills, right?

So I’m all ready to start submitting to every agent and publisher in the Eastern United States, right?

(insert laughing gif here)

Yeah. While I’m chomping at the bit to get this thing out there after the two years it took me to complete it, its just a first draft. That’s like Monet displaying a sketch for waterlilies (you will find I make alot of art references. My mother is an artist and art teacher, check out her blog)

So I  basically have a pencil sketch of a future masterpiece. I wouldn’t want anyone to see it yet. What I’m going to do with it is leave it alone. Maybe just for a week, maybe for a few months until I can go back and read it objectively. Then I’m going to rewrite half of it and change the rest. I’m going to give it to some people (my mom) and see what she says and see if I want to make any changes from her review. Then I will post it on a writing forum and beg other writers to review it, chapter by chapter.

My soul will die a little bit. I will be convinced that it is total shit and I am an awful person for considering allowing such a monstrosity to enter the world.

Other writers are the harshest critics.

They’re also the best.

So when I piece back my shattered ego, I will go back and rewrite some more. Then I will take a literary knife and cut the hell out of the thing so that it represents something like a Thanksgiving turkey after the meal. Then I’ll rewrite some more and then I’ll get my mom to read it again, if she’s willing.

If I’m brave I’ll go back to the writing forum.

If half of them don’t hate it this time I will know I have a winner.

Then I write a query, which is about 100x harder than all the work I just finished.

In the mean time, I will be cleaning up and preparing to publish a lighter, fluffier piece on kindle.

And by lighter and fluffier I just mean the apocalypse in this book is a bit more lighthearted.


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