Officially available for content editing

I have been working as a content editor for a few years now, but my schedule previously did not allow me to take on more than a few jobs a year. If you are looking for content edits, to help identify issues with your story plot, characters or structure, hit me up and we can... Continue Reading →

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A Different Kind of Horrible

I have been so furious that I have wanted to scream, so I did, and I asked other authors to scream with me. The result is Incubate and it is awful in the most powerful and beautiful way. It is due to be born in early December so that you can go into the new year screaming.

The Dancing Plague has arrived

The Fourth Collection of Utter Speculation and the debut book for Speculation Publications drops today and it is gorgeous. Nine stories from nine authors from all over the world, with masterful musings and terrific twists on what caused the dancing mania of 1518. This is one you do not want to miss. Pick up your... Continue Reading →

Feature: C. Owen Loftus, author of “The Third Ministration” in the upcoming collection of utter speculation THE DANCING PLAGUE

C. Owen Loftus's story, The Third Ministration is one of those stories that reveals itself in layers. Loftus has worked in journalism and business writing, as well as a teacher, but this story will be his literary debut, however, he has more in the works. "The Third Ministration experiences the Dancing Plague through the eyes... Continue Reading →

Feature: Jennifer Lee Rossman, author of “Other People’s Tsunamis” in the upcoming collection of utter speculation THE DANCING PLAGUE

Jennifer Lee Rossman's Other People's Tsunamis is the first story you will see when you open The Dancing Plague. "An autistic witch finds themselves caught up in a whirlwind of chaotic cause and effect when they try to prove they have what it takes to join the elite witches in their office." Rossman's unique and... Continue Reading →

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