But do you love it?

Why do I throw myself against a wall, over and over again? Isn't expecting a different outcome of a repeated action the definition of madness? When radio silence can literally ruin my day, even my week, I ask myself, maybe, have you thought of just kinda...quitting? And the answer comes back, again and again, but do you still love to write?

How to be ripped to shreds with grace (writing reviews)

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LCW Allingham

In college, peer writing reviews never went very well. Either people were too nice or too mean or too vague. And no one wanted to hear it. Usually professors wouldn’t allow us to talk and defend our work, so we didn’t have the option of yelling at our reviewers. Sometimes people couldn’t help it.

I remember a classmate walking out of class after a heated argument with the professor about a point made on his poem. I recall a girl muttering “whatever. Whatever. Uh huh. Whatever,” as another student tried to carefully pick flaws out of her article.

Now, when I am in a peer review group there are no restrictions on who can speak and how or when they can. What have I learned? Adults take constructive criticism even harder than college kids sometimes.

Any why shouldn’t they? As an adult there is more at stake in your work…

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Editor’s note

SHOCKING VERBS, LAWLESS NOUNS will be out in early January and is available for kindle pre-sale now. It is a showcase of writing from the past and present authors of the Bucks County Writers Workshop, a group that had built a reputation for tough but fair critique, fantastic writing, interesting people and support for the... Continue Reading →

She-Ra and Me, part I.

When I was little a little girl I broke my leg.  I had just recovered from two consecutive abdominal surgeries. My very pregnant mother had broken her ribs and I had to get around the house in a wheelchair. I couldn't go to preschool. But those are just things I know. What I remember, vividly,... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author Melissa D. Sullivan

Melissa D. Sullivan joined Writers Block last year and her contribution to THE JERSEY DEVIL: A COLLECTION OF UTTER SPECULATION has quickly become a fan favorite. Combining sci-fi elements with a heart of a timeless human struggle, Sullivan's original story resonates on many levels. When would you say that you became a writer?  A couple... Continue Reading →

Interview with Author River Eno

River is one of the authors I've worked with on The Lost Colony of Roanoke and The Jersey Devil. She is a founding member of our writing collective, Writers Block and a fascinating person. Her contribution to Jersey Devil, "The Unspoiled Harmonious Wilderness" is a unique and beautiful take on the origins of our most... Continue Reading →

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